On Sustainability: Inclusive Innovation

010-commotion-india-swFirst they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight with you, and then you win

Mahatma Gandhi

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Cliffs made of Glass – the new battlefield in the fight for gender equality

Meg Whitman was appointed  as Hewlett-Packard’s  CEO in September, 2011 – during one of the most critical moments the company faced. Virginia Rometty took the reins of traditionally male-dominated, century-old IBM in January, 2012. 37-year-old Marissa Mayer became the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Yahoo, in the summer of 2012. They were all poised on glaff cliffs and the latter was one of the steepest ever seen.

On Sustainability: Lesson 101


Sustainability has been one of the most used and misunderstood buzzwords of the past few decades. In a finite planet with finite resources civilization still aspires for infinite growth. And that just can’t happen. Sustainability focuses on striking a balance between societal needs, the boundaries of the environment and the need for economic prosperity in the long run. Looking good, feeling good, living in a healthy environment and getting more out of life means the public has to be more socially responsible.

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LinkedIn – the Insider’s Guide

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, has reached 200 million members in January 2013. In a decade the network has developed into a powerful tool for business development, recruitment, job hunting and personal branding. It has seen a substantial membership increase since its IPO 2 years ago with 50% of the members being C-suite executives, middle and senior level managers and business owners. The metric that is of interest to us is monthly active users (information currently undisclosed by the company) – the subscribers that pro-actively engage, interact and network within LinkedIn. How do you become one of them?

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