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On Good Food: a ‘Good’ Diet

In 2006 Sue Kiyabu, a Honolulu writer, decided to eat nothing but organically grown food in Hawaii. Just for a week. What was his diet rule? He drew a circle 100 miles from where he lived and resolved on eating only what is grown within that circle. He dubbed his experiment as the „No Shoyu. No Milk. No Bread. No Rice. The Gas-Saving, All-Organic 100-Mile Hawaiian Diet’’. An experiment that lasted exactly 7 days, no more. Yet, when recalling it, he would say that there were days when he genuinely

felt like a misanthrope.

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On Good Food: Sweeteners

The not-as-sweet side of the story 

“Some of the largest companies are now using brain scans to study how we react neurologically to certain foods, especially to sugar. They’ve discovered that the brain lights up for sugar the same way it does for cocaine.”
― Michael MossSalt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

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