Hi there, I’m Natali. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Below is what Sammy’s ABCs is all about.

I’ve recently had a baby boy – he’s name is Samuil (Sammy), and he’s the loveliest ray of sunshine to enter our world. He’s growing bigger, better and stronger by the hour.  Yet, he’s still just a four-month-old baby – learning what utterly fascinating things his little hands are and how he can explore the world by simply sticking, licking and chewing on everything they can bring to his little mouth. Those sweet precious unhygienic moments.

But there is this thing that just hit me at 3 am one sleepless night (spoiler alert: you tend to get those with a newborn). I am fundamentally changing Sammy’s reality in a way I am not really proud of. You see, by the time Sammy’s old enough to tell his own children the birds & bees story there might not be enough of those for them to understand the concept. They are likely to live in an apple-less and chocolate-less world and would never have the chance to taste a brownie or apple pie. Tales such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, the Tale of the three brothers and the golden apple or the legend of the Koi fish would seem too abstract for them to understand. Instead they’d have to be turned into children horror stories such as the Big Plasticky monster that ate all the fish or A Big Day for the pesticide Boogie Man to hunt the last bumblebee. All because of my and the previous generation’s personal lifestyle choices of consuming toxic products and adopting unhealthy polluting practices to a degree that would deny the next generations of  the opportunities we had and the richness and variety of life that we’ve enjoyed. And this is the least I want for Sammy – a life without apples, bees or crystal seas.

So, here’s my small contribution and project for the upcoming school year.

Each week, for a year, I am to pick a common generally polluting (health and environment-wise), toxic or generally unhealthy everyday product (such as wet wipes, baby nappies or detergent) and share what you can do right now to swap them with alternatives, remove, minimize their use or find ways to reuse, re-purpose or recycle them. I will aim to provide specific working solutions – either DIY or products you can preferably buy locally. I will also be adopting the alternative as I am writing about it. Typically, habit adoption requires from 3 weeks up to a year but it might just as well it be too difficult to occur in your current circumstances. And that’s ok. I will aim to provide options and actionable steps so that you (and I) can pick our level of dedication. And finally – the change should feel great – for you and your loved ones, your health and the general ambiance of your home and environment. 

Alongside the blog posts on sustainable swaps I would include others on topics I love – on practices I aim to incorporate alongside the swap bit described above or just cool natural, simpler and slower ways of living I’ve learned about in my work and studies (if interested you can check those here: LinkedIn) – such as minimalism, vegetarian food choices, urban gardening, composting, indoor air, ecosystem services and so on.

I’d really love it if you decide to subscribe to the blog. In this case we’ll have a group to keep us going forward.  I will aim for the posts to come to your inbox on a Saturday (more or less) so you can start adopting them on Monday or whenever works for you really.

I am starting with the school year and will end with its end. It will be my personal project for the period. Just one more person to join would be great. I know I am taking Sammy with me on this one. Hopefully by the time he’s able to make those decisions for himself he’d be happy to have come along.

p.s. The practices and products I am to describe are not just done by green hippies – your granny can guide you most of the way so you have your reference point there. Also, nations as different as Sweden and Cuba can do it and do they come from such different angles. Even adopting cloth diapering can be done for different reasons – good for baby, good for the budget or good for the environment. Reasons vary and the solutions do as well. It’s not about going into extremes but about adopting actionable baby steps that suit you and feel natural and easy. All that we can keep some apples, bees and crystal seas for a tad bit longer…or like forever. So let’s get started.


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Apples, Bees & Crystal Seas // Sustainability swaps

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